Welcome to Kindy – 2020

Welcome to Kindy – 2020

An ‘Acrostic Poem’ incorporating all the fun and excitement of brand-new Kindy students and families to our fabulous school in 2020.


K – Kindy at Merredin College with a happy face.

I – I am so brave.

N – Not too many goodbye tears.

D – Doing some painting, cutting and messy stuff.

E – Easily eating my lunch.

R – Remembering where my hat goes.

G – Getting my things organised by myself.

A – Always trying to listen carefully.

R – Really wanting to play and learn outside.

T – Talking with my quiet voice inside.

E – Enjoying some dancing, singing and games.

N – Not falling asleep after lunch.

2 – Two laps around the bike track.

0 – Zero time to be lonely.

2 – Two friends sitting either side.

0 – Zero time to miss being at home because Kindy is fun, fun and more fun!