Merredin College was officially opened by Honourable Peter Collier MLC (Minister for Education) on 14 September 2012.

Located 256 kilometres east of Perth in the Central Wheatbelt,  Merredin College commenced in 2012 as a result of the amalgamation of three schools including Merredin Senior High School, South Merredin Primary School (along with the Westonia Annexe) and North Merredin Primary School. Initially on three sites, students moved to the Merredin College site at the end of Term 1 2012 when the building programme was completed.

Merredin College has preserved much of what was important to the three amalgamated schools.

For example, our motto is “Advance Together” and is based upon the old motto of “Advance” used by both Merredin Senior High School and North Merredin Primary School. The motto inspires our students to advance in unity in all areas of education and in the community.  The College crest colours are teal and navy, representing the colours of Merredin Senior High School, North Merredin Primary School and South Merredin Primary School of which Westonia Primary School was a campus. The crest features three heads of wheat – one head of wheat for each school and also recognizes the agricultural history of the district. The image of the boomerang depicts the Aboriginal culture and history of this community. Merredin College has also maintained a number of past school traditions including acknowledging the importance of ANZAC Day through student involvement in the annual commemorative assembly. Annually the 18 September is set aside to honour the Merredin Senior High School students who lost their lives in a bus accident in 1982.

The Merredin College building program included the provision of new primary buildings equipped with modern technologies including interactive whiteboards as well as the refurbishment of existing structures. These contemporary classrooms and landscaped grounds are unparalleled in many rural communities and provide students with stimulating areas in which to learn and play. Merredin College also boasts an impressive trade training centre (catering for automotive, metals and building & construction) and a state-of-the-art dance studio.

Merredin College is proud to work in partnership with Merredin Residential College.

As a result of an extensive construction programme at Merredin Residential College, up to 72 students can be accommodated in a world class boarding facility.

Five years on from the amalgamation, the school community decided it would like to take the next step and successfully applied to become an Independent Public School in 2017. As a result, the Merredin College Board has taken on greater responsibility for working with the community in setting the strategic direction of the College.