With approximately 50 teaching staff and 40 support staff, Merredin College is one of the largest government employers in Merredin.

We look for people who share our values of achievement, excellence, respect and integrity who are keen to join our outstanding team and who place students and their well-being at the centre of all decisions.

Teaching Positions

To be eligible to work in a Western Australian public school, or undertake relief work, you must meet the Department’s eligibility requirements.

If you wish to undertake work as a relief teacher at Merredin College, you are advised to contact our:

Relief Coordinator
Mrs Beverley Irving
08 9041 7520

Teachers can apply for positions through centrally organised recruitment pools and also directly to Merredin College through advertised vacancies on Jobs WA.

To be kept informed of teaching positions on offer at Merredin College, you are advised to download to your tablet or mobile phone the Teach in WA app. This comes from the App Store or Google Play store. To search and download the app, enter “Teach in WA” in the search engine of your app provider. All school vacancies advertised on Jobs WA are listed on the Teach in WA app.

To be considered for teacher vacancies, non-permanent teachers must lodge an application to one of the following advertised pools.

Applications to the pools are currently open and you can access the pools directly from the following links:

Graduate Teacher Pool
Fixed-term Appointment Pool


There are three centrally organised recruitment pools to help schools recruit teachers:


Graduate Teacher Pool

Graduate teachers are those in their first two years (eight terms) of teaching.

The pool is advertised on Jobs WA (type graduate teacher pool in the web search function).

Graduates can be appointed to permanent and fixed-term vacancies from this pool.

Graduates cannot apply for the fixed-term appointment pool.


Fixed-term Appointment Pool

This pool is for teachers seeking fixed-term appointments only.

The pool is advertised on Jobs WA (type in Fixed term teacher in the web search function).

The following teachers are also eligible to apply for this pool:

  • Teachers seeking re-entry to the Department after five years (an Entry and Orientation Program is available for non-graduate teachers new to the Department)
  • Interstate teachers (non-graduates)
  • Overseas teachers with eligible work visas
  • Permanent teachers

Permanent teachers may seek fixed-term appointments through this pool. The principal of a permanent teacher’s substantive school must approve any fixed-term placement before an offer can be accepted by the teacher. The principal has the discretion as to whether or not to approve the fixed-term placement.


Transfer Pool

This pool is for permanent teachers seeking permanent positions.

The pool is advertised on the Internal Department Jobs Board (type teacher transfer pool in the web search function).

The following teachers are eligible to apply for this pool:

  • a teacher wishing to transfer from a country school to another country school
  • a teacher wishing to transfer from a country school to a metropolitan school
  • a teacher wishing to transfer from a metropolitan school to a country school
  • a new transfer pool opens each year in Term 3 for permanent vacancies that arise for the following school year

Permanent teachers can apply at any time, however they need to reapply each year they wish to be considered for transfers.

Permanent teachers are eligible to accept only one transfer per school year.

For more information refer to Applying for a transfer.

Once your application to these pools has been assessed, you are advised in writing of your eligibility and placed in the appropriate recruitment pool.

You can apply to the pools at any time throughout the year and you can update your resume information at any time. You can also choose to withdraw your application if you have been successful in gaining a position.

To update or withdraw an application:

Email: schools.recruitment.update@education.wa.edu.au

When applying to centrally organised recruitment pools, you can nominate the schools where you would like to work. You can also indicate your preferences for subjects and year groups to teach. The recruitment team matches preferences to suitable vacancies in nominated schools.

To improve your opportunities for placement, consider nominating Merredin College.

If a principal wishes to appoint a teacher from one of the three centrally organised recruitment pools, the principal contacts the teacher directly.

Teachers in central recruitment pools are not automatically considered for school advertised vacancies and interested teachers need to apply directly.

Non-teaching Positions

If you are considering applying for a support staff role at Merredin College, positions are advertised on the Jobs WA Board. You may wish to establish a Jobseeker account on the Jobs WA Board that will alert you to vacancies matching your selections as they are advertised and eliminate the need to monitor the website.

Jobs are advertised all year round and some positions may also be advertised in the school newsletter or in a local community paper.

At Merredin College, we are often in need of relief staff to work specifically as School Officers, Education Assistants, Home Economics or Laboratory Technicians, Cleaners and Gardeners.

If you wish to undertake work in a relief capacity at Merredin College in any one of the above jobs, you are advised to contact our:

Relief Coordinator
Mrs Susan Coomber
08 9041 7520

Our Relief Coordinator will provide advice on the eligibility requirements.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities at Merredin College can be found at:

Search using keywords
“Merredin College”

Relief Staff

Relief staff are encouraged to submit their CV at any time.



Support Staff: