Regular attendance is vital for student learning; promoting social inclusion and academic achievement.

College Bell Times

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday

(Early Close)

Thursday Friday
1 8.50—9.50 8.50—9.50 8.50—9.50 8.50—9.50 8.50—9.50
Home Room 9.50—10.05  9.50—10.05 9.50—10.05 9.50—10.05
2 10.05—11.05 10.05—11.05 9.50—10.50 10.05—11.05 10.05—11.05
Recess 11.05—11.30 11.05—11.30 10.50—11.10 11.05—11.30 11.05—11.30
3 11.30—12.30 11.30—12.30 11.10—12.10 11.30—12.30 11.30—12.30
4 12.30—1.30 12.30—1.30 12.10—1.10 12.30—1.30 12.30—1.30
Lunch 1.30—2.00 1.30—2.00 1.10—1.30 1.30—2.00 1.30—2.00
5 2.00—3.00 2.00—3.00 1.30—2.30 2.00—3.00 2.00—3.00

Home room is only applicable to Secondary Students.

The College closes early on Wednesday for school development purposes.

It is advisable not to send children to school before 8:30am unless they are attending Breakfast Club which commences at 8.15 am. This is because there is limited supervision. Students who arrive before 8:30am are to sit outside their classrooms until the classroom doors are opened.

At Merredin College primary students are encouraged to join their teacher in the classroom when they arrive at school (after 8.30 am). This strategy means students are settled and well prepared for the school day.

Attendance and Absences

Parents are asked to ensure children arrive at the College no earlier than 8:30am unless they are going to Breakfast Club which commences at 8.15 am.

Staff are not on duty prior to 8:30.

If for any reason your child is absent from school, a phone call to the school is required, preferably before 9am, to register this absence and also to provide a reason.

Automatic SMS messages are sent each morning to parents/carers informing them that their child is absent without notice.

Parents are required to inform the school of an explanation for student absence in the form of a letter, text message, email or telephone call. You should return the note to the Student Services office within two days of returning to school. The school should also be notified of more lengthy absences.

If a student is to be collected during school hours, parents must go to the Primary office in order to request a Leave Pass, which is then given to the classroom teacher.

Lunch Passes

A lunch pass is issued only to students who live in town and on the understanding that they only go to their own home for lunch, not another student’s home and that no other students go home with them.

Students who wish to be able to go home for lunch, must first collect an application for a lunch pass request from Student Services. After parents or carers have completed the form, it is returned to Student Services.


Late to School

Students who arrive late to school must report to Student Services and collect a late slip before going to class.


Leaving School Grounds

Students who need to leave the school during the day for an appointment or other valid reason, must  bring written permission from home at the beginning of the day and take this note to Student Services to be signed by the Deputy Principal. This signed note is taken by the student to class and shown to the teacher. The note gives the student permission to leave the class at the specified time.

Before leaving the school grounds, students must go to the Student Services office, show their note to the office staff and record the details in the Sign In/Sign Out book.  The student will then be issued with a Student Leave Pass which they must take with them.

On returning to school, the student must to sign back in using the Sign In/Sign Out book and obtain a late note for class if required.


If you require assistance or advice please contact the college.