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Year 7/8 CoRE Kalbarri Field Trip

Year 7/8 CoRE Kalbarri Field Trip

Year 7/8 CoRE Kalbarri Field Trip

The action packed four days involved discovering and identifying trace fossils from arthropod-dominated ecosystems, that were around well before dinosaurs ruled the Earth, investigated which algae causes Hutt Lagoon to turn pink, analysed the formations of geological sites such as, Natures Window and its red and white layers of Tumblagooda Sandstone, Z Bend, Mushroom Rock, Natures Bridge, the amazing Skolithos trace fossils at Rainbow Valley, and marvelled at beaches coloured by garnet sand. Students snorkelled at Blue Holes, a natural aquarium of limestone reef, showcasing an abundant biodiverse ecosystem, home to finfish, shellfish, crustaceans, corals, seagrasses and sponges and finally an astronomy night to look at Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, while in their downtime, students enjoyed swimming, fishing and a competitive game of mini golf.

Students later reflected on their learning journey and how the experience impacted their learning and interests, with great feedback such as;

“The whole trip was 1000x better than I could imagine.”

“It was so fascinating how much I could learn in a few days”

“This experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity that would not have occurred if it was not for CoRE”

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