Kindy/Pre-primary Classroom

Kindy/Pre-primary Classroom

It has been a fantastic start to the year in the Kindy/ Pre-primary classroom. Mrs Boehme, Mrs Willcox, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Fardell were very excited to get to know the students over the first few weeks and the class has settled into their routines well. The children are having lots of fun learning new things and making new friends. Guided play has been an important part of developing these new friendships and learning to take turns and share.

The Kindy students have been learning about colours, shapes, numbers and letters, as well as talking about who is in their family. They have made some gorgeous colour and shape craft that has included red apples, yellow sunflowers, blue oceans, green frogs, square rockets, triangle fish, circle penguins and rectangle robots. They have also made tractors for the letter ‘t’, igloos for the letter ‘i’ and pigs for the letter ‘p’. In numeracy the Kindy students have been focussing on their counting, making sure they count each item in the group only once. They have learned some songs and rhymes to help them remember number names. These have included ‘One Big Elephant’, ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’ and ‘Three Little Kittens’.

The Pre-primary students have been focussing on learning their letters and sounds and ensuring they form their letters correctly when writing. They have also made some fantastic craft that included; sunflowers for ‘s’, astronauts for ‘a’, turtles for ‘t’, insects for ‘i’, Nemo fish for ‘n’, cakes for ‘c’ and karate kids for ‘k’. They have also been working on their rhyming skills and ability to break words into syllables. In numeracy, the students have been working through their Targeting Maths text, using hands-on objects to learn the concepts before they fill in their books. So far we have looked at 2D shapes, patterning, numbers to 10 and simple addition.

All students have been practising writing their name, holding their pencil correctly and using their scissors carefully. They have been visiting the library each week to explore books and are enjoying borrowing a book to read at home with their families. They have also been delivering the canteen basket in the morning and collecting it at lunch time.

The students are trying hard to be grown up and are doing their morning jobs independently. They have also enjoyed utilising the technology in our class, moving their names on the Smartboard every morning. They also enjoy using Reading Eggs and the Chatterpix app on the iPad. Some students have also had a go at using the Beebot robots to complete some simple coding and the Pre-primary students are learning to login to the computers in the lab and use the basic features of Microsoft Paint.

Mrs Leah Boehme
Classroom Teacher