Year 9 Career Taster Day

Year 9 Career Taster Day

In collaboration with CRTAFE Merredin College presented a day of career tasters for all Year 9 students. Students selected 5 of 14 hands-on activities to ‘taste’, through out the day to learn about possible career pathways.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities students experienced.


Students were introduced to different tools and equipment used in carpentry. They were given guidance on how to use each tool correctly, ensuring their safety while operating them in a controlled environment. In addition, they were provided with information about the potential career opportunities available in the construction industry.


Students learned about animal nutrition, animal handling, and how to do CPR on a dog!

Students also heard about the career opportunities in animal shelters, kennels, or pet shops.


The students learned the importance of getting the preparation correct before starting to build a brick wall.


Students explored ways to make a positive impact on people’s lives through a career in community services. They designed felt resources to assist with storytelling and created a math game.


Brad Anderson from Wheatbelt Coffee Time parked up his coffee van and over 3 hours taught 20 students the skills of making top-quality coffee and hot chocolates. We have a few new budding baristas in town!


Students discovered the art/entertainment industry employs more people in WA than the Mining industry! They also got to create some art.