As an Independent Public School our relationship with the Merredin community is instrumental to our success.

The Merredin College Board plays an integral role in establishing and maintaining a vision for the College that reflects the aspirations  of the students, parents and the wider community.

The Board is responsible for strategic decisions that impact the culture and achievement of the College. It plays a key role in monitoring the College’s progress towards meeting the targets of the Merredin College Business Plan.

The Board is comprised of the Principal, two elected members of staff, five elected parents of current students and three community members.

Name Term Concludes Category of Membership
John McKane 2020 Parent
Dianne Dixon 2018 Parent
Jenny Doncon 2018 Parent (Secretary)
Jamie-Lee Walker 2020 Parent
Christie White 2020 Parent
Lisa Fischer 2020 Community
Julie Flockart 2018 Community (Chair)
Mick Hayden 2018 Community
Beverley Stanes Staff
Tom James 2020 Staff (Vice Chair)
Caitlin Crees 2020 Staff

General Meetings

Week 3 and 6 of each school term:

Thursday at 5.30pm
Meetings are usually about 90 minutes

Merredin College Board