Primary Assembly – 22 February

Primary Assembly – 22 February

Awards presented to students at Merredin College assemblies are based on the values of our Positive Behaviour Support guidelines ‘G R O W’ and ‘R E A P’

‘We are carinG

‘We are Responsible’

‘We are respOnsible’

We strive to succeed’


‘I am Resourceful’

‘I am Engaged’

‘I am Ambitious’

‘I am Persistent’

Class Value Student
Pre Primary Engaged


Darcy H

Jayda T

Year 1 Ambitious


Grace D

Ryker H

Year 1/2 Engaged


Deondre R

Nate G

Year 2 Caring


Bailey R

Lakin H

Year 3 Responsible


Temperance W

Tora H

Year 3/4 Engaged Martin K
Caring Piper S
Year 4/5 Engaged Ariana H
Caring Seth G
Year 5/6 Responsible Allirah C
Resourceful Zayne T
Year 6 Ambitious Jordan E
Responsible Aleena A-R
Junior Primary Health

Upper Primary Health

Engaged Kyran C
Engaged Videll H
Junior Primary Sport

Upper Primary Sport

Persistent Lucia J
Engaged Noah O
Junior Primary Science Engaged Anthony L
Indonesian Engaged Year 6 Class