2020 K-2 Merrydin Concert

2020 K-2 Merrydin Concert

Last night’s MerryDin took us all to the farmyard with the K-2 students musical, ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper!’ This udderly adorable moo-sical gave all of our students a chance to shine starting with our Kindy students in ‘Hello Hello’ and ‘It’s a Lovely Day’ – these cute little farm animals – lambs, chicks and rabbits sang and danced through Scene 1 with gusto. Between these items we met the hero of the show, Daisy Cow, played by Indiana Postans. Daisy spent the night wanting to express herself through her gardening, dreaming of adding some colour to the green pastures of Grassy Hill.  Our Year 1/2 class performed 3 items in Scene 2, ‘The Cow Appreciation Song’, ‘Juicy Green Grass’ and ‘Don’t mess with Mr Bull’. Mr Bull, played by Jed van der Merwe, was a grumpy bull, who had already seen off an angry giant after a bean stalk incident and really wasn’t interested in seeing any changes around Grassy Hill Farm. He and the other main cast cows, played by Allesia Low, Jordan Edwards, Abigail du Plessis and Connor Davies, liked their hill covered with grass and were not interested in seeing anything else grow on the farm. In Scene 3, Daisy headed off to the market to buy more grass seeds for the farm and our K/PP students starred as market stall holders singing ‘Who will buy’ and ‘Come to my stall’ before their very sweet performance of ‘Little Seeds, Big Seeds’. After Daisy bought her grass seeds at the market she happened on a seed on her way home and decided to take it and plant it on the farm. The PP/1 class were the stars of Scene 4, dressed as all sorts of blossoms and plants. Daisy planted her seed, hiding it under a bucket and then was sad when it didn’t grow. The hero of the hour, Wise Old Owl, played by Callum Kett was helped by our singers to deliver the message of what seeds need to grow. The PP/1s sang three songs, ‘It’s a lovely day today’, ‘It can’t do it on its own’ and ‘Everything starts with a seed’. By the end of these songs Daisy knew her seed needed soil, space, water and sunlight and after a few sleeps she was delighted by the emergence of a seedling that was to grow into a beautiful sunflower. Ari Herbert was a delightful sunflower, practically glowing on stage. The growth of this blossom, however, caused some concern for the local cows and Mr Bull, but Mr Owl swooped in again to deliver some good advice. In our final scene, the farm inhabitants came to value the sunflower as it drew a range of wild creatures to the farm, played by our Year 2 class. We had squirrels, bugs, butterflies and bees to name just a few. The Year 2 class sang ‘Wonderful Wildlife’ and ‘We sowed a seed’ as our beautiful sunflower grew and then wilted as autumn came. The cows were sad to see their new friend go until they realised she had left a gift of a handful of seeds to replace her. Daisy got her wish and was able to plant a variety of seeds on the farm. In the final song of the night, all of K-2 turned to face the audience and sang ‘Grow’. A song about growing taller and getting stronger, a perfect song for our PBS school. We would like to acknowledge all the hard work of the students and teachers to make this such a special night, our wonderful student leaders Chloe van der Merwe and Sam Anderson who MC’d the night; the Year 2 students Ellie Walker, Sheridan Wild, Amelia Sandercock and Miliana Prnich our narrators; Mr Tom James who was amazing on the lights; Thomas Billing for his original backdrop artwork and Mr Colin Duff for making it a reality; and especially Mrs Caryn Adamson – the creative spirit behind the whole production.

Special Award Winners


C Kett (Year 2)



I Postans (Year 2)



C Last (PP)

Technologies Award

J Edwards (Year 2)



C Tollarzo (Year 2)

Classroom Award Winners


E Wilson – Academic Award

C Ritchie – PBS GROW Award



C Last – Academic Award

K Coetzer – PBS GROW Award



K Edwards – Academic Award

L James – PBS GROW Award

YEAR 1/2

H Cervantes – Academic Award

J walker – PBS GROW Award



E Walker – Academic Award

A Herbert – PBS GROW Award