South West Volleyball Tour

South West Volleyball Tour

This year our boys and girls Country Week Volleyball teams were given the opportunity to travel for four days across the W.A country side to meet other schools in competition to better prepare for the up-coming tournament. This tour of the South West brought Merredin College to the shores of Albany SHS, Margaret River SHS and Mandurah Baptist College who all run successful Volleyball programs. The trip was an incredible journey of team bonding and adventure. The coaches are proud to present the results as the players performed exceptionally against tough opponents.

Merredin College girls defeated Albany SHS girls.

Merredin College boys defeated Albany SHS boys.

Merredin College girls defeated Margaret River SHS girls.

Merredin College boys defeated Margaret River SHS boys.

MBC girls defeated Merredin College girls.

MBC boys defeated Merredin College boys.