2023 Merredin College School Ball

2023 Merredin College School Ball


The Merredin College School Ball is one of the most exciting events of the school calendar year. This year it was held at the Cummins Theatre. Looking glamourous the Year 10-12 students arrived in style, looking their absolute finest as they took the red carpet for their grand entrance in front of family, friends and the community.

The theme of the evening was ‘Dripping in Luxury’ and our Year 12 Student leaders and staff did an amazing job of creating the scene for the evening. Students enjoyed some delicious food by Wild Poppy and enjoyed a night of dancing.

Special awards went to the following students:

Belle of the Ball

K Lowe

Beau of the Ball

J Chapman

Best Dressed-Year 10 

T Downsborough & A Earl

Best Dressed-Year 11

A Watson & C Carlson

Best Dancer

S Spencer

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