Home away from home.

An outstanding education in the country is complemented by nearby Merredin Residential College which can accommodate seventy two students from Year 7-12.

Merredin Residential College is a residential option enjoyed by some of our secondary students – it’s their home way from home. In a safe and nurturing environment, they are supported to grow into happy, confident and responsible individuals.

Popular with families across the wheatbelt, pastoral and mining regions, the Residential College gives young people the chance to live and study in the country. Boarders take advantage of Merredin’s recreational, shopping and part-time employment opportunities and benefit from living with other young people from the country.

They make a wide circle of friends and learn the values of cooperation, respect for others and good communication.

Our boarding students are looked after by a team of professional, caring and dedicated supervisors. They work closely with every boarder and their families to ensure student personal development and educational needs are met. Our supervisors offer pastoral care to support student social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing while living away from home. Skilled tutors are also employed to assist students with their academic progress. History shows that many residential college students are the recipients of certificates and prizes.

Staff also organise recreational activities and arrange for students to be involved in local sports and activities in the community which enables them to develop a sense of belonging.

Modern and comfortable facilities make living away from home an enjoyable experience. Our boarding students each have their own bedroom and are encouraged to decorate it with posters, photos, books and other personal belongings.


Common rooms, landscaped gardens, a gymnasium, swimming pool, recreation room and tennis courts provide plenty of scope for recreation and socialisation.  Computers are available for emailing and online research required for completing homework and assignments.

To ensure boarders maintain a healthy balance between study and leisure, they are encouraged to relax and get together after school and at weekends. They have a wide choice of activities available on the grounds including; basketball, badminton, table tennis, pool, volleyball and in-house movies.

They are also encouraged to participate in individual and team sports such as football, netball, softball, cricket and basketball teams which are offered through the local community.

Students with musical, artistic or religious interests can pursue these while boarding. Supervisors arrange transport to attend activities in town which have been organised by parents.

Supervisors also organise weekend camps and day-trips to Perth on a regular basis to help students develop cultural, social and sporting interests.

Delicious, healthy meals are provided to our boarding students, and they are encouraged to help develop the menu. The Residential College offers a wide range of food and caters for special dietary needs. A wide variety of options are made available to students for all meals including school lunches and snacks for recess.

As the residence is within walking distance of town facilities, students are allowed to do banking and shopping on Wednesday after school and at weekends. With permission from parents and a supervisor, they are also able to leave the grounds for casual work, sporting/arts activities and to visit friends and family.

Quite a few boarders return home for weekends. Of course, family members and friends are always welcome and encouraged to visit students at the Residential College.

"A great place to live, a great place to learn."

For more information about Merredin Residential College:


T:  08 9041 7500