As part of Merredin College being granted Independent Public School status, the current Merredin College Council will become the Merredin College Board. 

The role of the board is not to make operational decisions but to set the strategic direction of the school taking into consideration both local issues and government legislation and policy.   As an Independent Public School our relationship with the Merredin community is instrumental to our success.

At the meeting held November 2016, it was decided that there would be no full spill of Councillors and that current sitting members would form the new board, taking into consideration the current term of each individual member.

Members whose terms expire in February 2017 are parent representatives Haley Billing, Jenny Starcevich, Rochelle Willis; community member Lisa Fisher and staff member Janelle Millar.  In addition Kaye Meadows and Jayne Smith are no longer staff members at Merredin College.  We would like to thank all outgoing members for their contribution.

The Merredin College Board also voted to reduce member numbers from 15 to 11, focusing more of parent and community representation.  It was also decided that Student Councillors would no longer be sitting members but be co-opted to provide a voice for the student body on specific issues as they arise.  The board will now consist of 3 staff members including the Principal, 5 parent representatives and 3 community members.

The Merredin College Board meets twice a term, currently on a Thursday at 5.30pm on Weeks 3 and 6 of each school term.  Meetings are usually about 90 minutes.