Your child, holistic learning

A comprehensive and rigorous learning program gives your child the opportunity to achieve.

Each year a program of study is developed to ensure your child learns the fundamentals needed to progress successfully, as well as give them opportunities to explore their individual interests, extend their knowledge and develop their talents.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, the stimulating and challenging curriculum engages students in English, mathematics, science, society and environment, technology and enterprise, languages, the arts, and health and physical education. 



In the early years of school, we introduce students to a range of subjects designed to ignite their interest in learning. We place a particularly strong focus on numeracy, literacy and social skills. Our specialist teachers help students develop these fundamental skills.

Kindergarten and Pre-primary involve both play-based and more formal learning. Students enjoy engaging, hands-on experiences that are interesting and challenging.

As students move through the primary years, learning programs are tailored to meet their individual needs. They are taught by innovative teachers who use technology to deliver vibrant learning which promotes critical and creative thinking. 

Gifted students have the opportunity to participate in the Primary Extension and Challenge program from Years 5 to 6. This program extends their learning and enables them to interact with like-minded peers across the region.

Providing Kindergarten to Year 12 at one campus enables us to offer our students the benefit of a seamless transition to secondary schooling.


Lower Secondary 

Students continue to study from the eight learning areas with the Australian Curriculum as the overarching framework. A variety of learning experiences encourages them to display initiative, take responsibility and participate fully in their education. 

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are given ‘tasters’ of our arts subjects (dance, drama and visual arts) as well as technology and enterprise subjects (food and clothing, information technology, woodwork and agriculture).

In Year 10 students are provided with more choices in their options and tend to specialise in one arts subject and one technology and enterprise subject. They can also study some Year 11 and 12 courses to obtain credit towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education. Committed to excellence, we offer academic extension to students who are gifted in mathematics through our Talent Development Program.

High quality careers advice and guidance is provided to support students in planning a successful and rewarding career with workplace learning for those who wish to experience the workforce as part of their decision making. 


Years 11 and 12

The curriculum in Years 11 and 12 is designed to lead our senior students into further study or prepare them for the workforce. They can select from a wide range of tertiary entrance and non-tertiary entrance subjects, vocational training courses and/or our Merredin Alternative Pathway Program (MAPP). 

Students who study tertiary entrance courses are well supported by specialist staff and provided with engaging and rigorous learning programs aimed at assisting them to attain a place at university. 

Our vocational training is mainly for students wishing to pursue careers in automotive, metals, business, construction, engineering, horticulture and information technology.

MAPP is for students who are less academically-inclined and allows them to gain important life skills, work experience and a Certificate II in Horticulture by attending school, work and C. Y. O’Connor Institute concurrently.