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Your child, our commitment

Students at Merredin College learn in a supportive environment that promotes respect, diversity and community spirit.

In a dynamic and creative learning environment, your child will be encouraged to explore, discover and follow their interests. We cater for each student’s individual needs and tailor programs to meet their particular abilities and learning styles. Whether they are gifted or need extra support, your child will be challenged, stimulated and supported to reach their potential.

Your child will also benefit from our strong commitment to learning for life. We foster a love of learning in the early years and nurture this throughout their schooling. We also help them develop positive values and strategies that aid them in becoming successful and respected community members.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers have specialist knowledge and are passionate about their teaching areas. They are trained to inspire, motivate and build confidence in students and help them thrive at school. They deliver lessons to suit the needs of every student, challenging them to achieve their very best.

Our College values reflect those of our rural community – excellence, achievement, respect and integrity. Your child will be encouraged to practise these values both at school and in the wider community. Our values foster a nurturing and caring environment that enables our students to learn effectively.

Living in and around Merredin, our staff and students have a strong sense of community. Senior students act as role models for younger students and take on leadership roles within the College. They also undertake community service from Year 10 and are encouraged to continue this after they graduate.

Through a vast range of partnerships with industry and tertiary institutions, students get first-hand experience and knowledge of a variety of career options and pathways.

We have a strong academic focus and dedicated staff who assist students wishing to pursue university studies. As part of our focus on careers, Year 10 students are given the opportunity to visit universities and Institute of Technology campuses to learn more about available courses. Universities are also invited to attend the Merredin Careers’ Road Show so all students can explore the options available.

With close links to C.Y. O’Connor Institute, students wishing to pursue vocational opportunities can obtain valuable training from lecturers experienced in their chosen fields and gain nationally recognised qualifications.