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Students have the opportunity to work together, encourage and support each other and develop a strong sense of responsibility and belonging.

The House Rewards System aims to:

Increase student identification with the College, their House and Form
Provide students with leadership opportunities
Encourage interest in College activities through healthy, positive competition between Houses
Recognise a range of student achievements through the use of House points


The Merredin College House System consists of 4 Houses and 5 pillars of the College community.











Behaviour & Attendance

In this area students can obtain points for their House through their academic performance and progress.

Students receive points through Student of the Month certificates awarded at assemblies and through classroom performance or improvement recognised by the classroom teacher. They can also achieve points by participating in, and achieving high results in English, Mathematics or Science State/National competitions as well as achieving excellent end-of-semester grades.

PLEASE NOTE: Points for the Semester 2 grades will be carried over to the next year and will not be included in the current year’s total. For example – Points for grades achieved in 2016 Semester 2 are included in the 2017 House total.



Student of the Month Award :


Overall Student of the Month:



English/Mathematics/Science Competitions:

High Distinction – 20pts

Distinction           – 15pts

Credit                   – 10pts

Participation        – 5pts

In this area students can obtain points for their House through their sporting contributions to the College. This includes the House Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Interschool representation in SSWA High School Country Week, EASA Carnivals and any other sporting representation deemed fit to allocate points to by the Physical Education Department.



College Swimming/Athletics Carnivals (Overall Carnival House Results):

1st – 500

2nd – 300

3rd – 200

4th – 100


EASA Swimming/Athletics Team:         

Representation – 5pts

Champion Athlete – 20pts

R/Up Champion Athlete – 10pts


SSWA Country Week:

Representation – 5pts

Team Captain – 10pts

College Captain – 10pts


College Sporting Teams:    

Representation (other than above) – 5pts

In this area students can obtain points for their House through their service to both the College and the wider community. This may include College Student Council members, the Peer Leaders on Bibbulmun Trek, helping staff to organise events or giving up their personal time to provide a service to the wider community for no profit.

PLEASE NOTE: Student Councillors will not receive additional points for participating/organising events that are expected of them in performing the role as a Student Councillor such as the School Ball, leavers’ jackets, Parent/Teacher evenings or running assemblies.



Student Council:  

Head Boy/Girl – 30pts

Senior Councillor – 20pts

Junior Councillor – 10pts


Bibbulmun Trek:       

Peer Leaders – 10pts


College Service:       

Helping Teachers – 5pts


Community Service:     

Not for Profit – 10pts


Examples of service: School Ball fundraising, raising money for charities, giving their time to help needy organisations.

In this area students can obtain points for their House through their performance and participation in cultural activities such as Dance, Drama and helping as facilitators during NAIDOC Week.



College Dance/Drama Performances:

Leader/Lead Role – 10pts

Representation – 5pts


NAIDOC Week:       

Group Leader – 10pts

Group Assistant – 5pts


Arts Competition:      

Award – 20pts

Participation- 5pts


In this area students can obtain points for their House through their good behaviour in classes and in the College grounds. This can include improved behaviour or constant good behaviour.

Attendance points will be given to those students who maintain 90-100% attendance at the conclusion of each term. Points can also be given to those students who have dramatically improved their attendance throughout the term by 15% or more. This will be decided by the Deputy Principal (Student Services) in conjunction with the respective Clan Leaders/Year Coordinators.



Behaviour Slip:




100% – 20pts

90-99% – 10pts


Improved Attendance (15% or more):



Teachers reward students for good/improved behaviour in class. 

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